Sunday, June 06, 2010

Finish Line Post

My I start by saying that I vote we find some kind of magic math widgit to enter all our numbers into before next year? Because the bookkeeping for this is a pain.

So. My books:
Everything is Fine - intermediate
The Tear Collector - YA
My Double Life - YA
Breathe My Name - YA
Silent in the Grave - adult
Mozart and the Whale - adult nonfiction
Brandon Buckley's Universe and Everything in It - intermediate - YA
The London Eye Mystery - intermediate
Get Real - intermediate

Plus started The Wizard of Karres and listened to a section of Downtown Owl

Total pages: 2575, not counting time listened to audio and books I chose not to continue
Total time reading: 21 hours, 21 minutes
Total time listened to audio book: 2 hours, 2 minutes
Total time blogging: 3 hours, 18 minutes
Total time networking: 1 hour

Grand total: 27 hours, 41 minutes!

Wow, that is way more than I expected to do! And I enjoyed almost all of it! I would call this my best book challenge ever; I didn't push myself to uncomfortable limits like last year, but I kept plugging and accomplished a lot. Being able to listen to an audio book for part of the time was a tremendous help -- I could get a few things done, but still feel like I was participating. The networking time was also a nice break. The challenge rules have evolved in really helpful ways since the first one.

I basically enjoyed everything I read, too. Breathe My Name has the odd distinction of being both the best and most memorable book I read, and the most disappointing.

I received 21 comments, which means I will donate $21 to the local Friends of the Library. Thanks to everyone who commented and made it more fun!


Book 11: The Wizard of Karres

The Wizard of Karres by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint and Dave Freer.

I was awakened earlier than I'd hoped by a force of nature, aka my darling child, so got a few last licks in after all. This is an other-authors sequel to one of my favorites, The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz. I haven't gotten far enough in to have a real opinion yet; they've certainly done a decent job of imitating the style and seem to have a handle on the characters, but I'm not sure the places they're taking the story feel right. But I may be impossible to please on this point.

Will do my finish line post in a while, there's lots of housecleaning (literally and figuratively) to take care of.

23 pages (out of 313)
Reading: 33 minutes
Blogging: on my own time

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I am very done...

Technically there are almost 9 hours left of my 48, but I will not be using them. Not for book challenge purposes, anyway. I will try, between catching up on Facebook and reminding my son he has a mother, to continue cheering on the folks who are still in their 48 hours. And will keep collecting comments here, with $1 per comment going to the local Friends of the Library.