Sunday, June 07, 2009

watching "the Big Bang Theory"

and thinking I should change my Blogger name to "whiny hyper-neurotic snot web."

I love this show. I love Sheldon. He reminds me a tiny bit of my son. And a tiny bit of myself. And a lot of a guy I know who's a total Salsa Geek. They come in many forms...

48 Hrs - I Be Done

My Finish Line Post.

I am So. Tired. Too tired even to check over my math, though I keep wishing I could make it come in over 29 hours, since everyone seemed to do 29 hours. Possibly everyone else is rounding. Can I round?

Anyway, the final results are:

Reading: 25 hours, 14 minutes
Blogging: 2 hours, 44 minutes
Reading Blogs/Commenting: 53 minutes

For a grand total of: 28 hours, 51 minutes. I think. I'm really, really tired. Did I mention I was tired?

Oh, I forgot to say how many books. Uh, I didn't keep track. I think it was 7 complete books, most of an 8th I had already started, a portion of a 9th I didn't get to finish, and about 2 pages of one that I didn't get into. Okay, I checked and that's right.

So what did you learn, Dorothy? Well, this year was the most fun ever. I've never had such a good time getting funky and exhausted--at least, not all by myself. Really making it a priority made it a much more powerful experience. The community aspect was very refreshing, too. It felt great to hear from other people who were going through this same peculiar experience.

I spent much less time blogging this year--previously, I think I wrote about as much as I read. That was fine...I wrote when I felt like it, didn't when I didn't. It was nice to just go with the flow. But also good to really focus on the reading. I'm very pleased that not only was this a personal best, but I read, just read, for over 24 of the hours. Half of the challenge.

Just some random thoughts on the books I didn't mention before:

1) There was a typo in David Inside Out that gave me the impression the author had originally written it in the third person and then changed it. I have nothing meaningful to say about that, I just thought it was interesting. I think it probably worked better in the first person than it would have in the third, though just guessing, of course.

2) SPOILER for How to Ditch Your Fairy - is it just me, or was that ending kind of whack? I mean, she realized it was no fun to have a boy like you when it was your fairy making him a zombie love slave. But she's perfectly fine with having a fairy that makes her better in sports? I suppose since it's generally accepted that all the most talented people in her society have fairies making it happen for them, it wouldn't occur to most people to question it. But it seems bizarre, in context.

Oh, I also forgot to say which book I'd liked the best. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landua-Banks was unquestionably the star act. Fantastic book. I pretty much enjoyed everything I read, except for a good portion of The Awakening.

So, I am done. My thanks to my wonderful husband, who put up with this, and my fabulous son, who only startled me out of my skin by yelling "Boo!" while I was reading a couple of times.


48 Hrs - Slam

Slam by Nick Hornby

I didn't get that far in this one before my time ran out. It seems very well written, though.

So I'm done! Kind of nice to have finished while other people are still going -- I can spend some time on other blogs while half my brain isn't elsewhere.

I will write my official finish line post later -- for now I have a really strong desire to water the plants and do the laundry and watch a couple of episodes of "the Big Bang Theory" and eat something other than cashews.

R: 40 minutes
B: n/a
RB: 3 minutes


48 Hrs - Stargazer

Stargazer by Claudia Gray. Sequel to Evernight

Aaaaand, here comes the separation and love triangle! I hated it in the "Twilight" series, but it's kind of working for me here. Perhaps because the hero of these books, Lucas, is such a cardboard cut-out I don't have much emotion invested in whether the heroine winds up with him anyway. The other guy is actually a lot more interesting.

This was another engrossing read. The world building isn't spectacular, but there are some interesting supernatural conflicts and moral dilemmas raised and not yet completely answered. And here's a big plus... stuff happens. The characters are actually in a very different place when the story ends than when it began. I will be seriously pissed if the author finds a way to undo that in the next book.

R: 3 hours, 20 minutes
B: 8 minutes
RB: 9 minutes

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