Tuesday, January 23, 2007

no rules about winning an award

I haven't read Rules yet--though I am ahead of the game, because I asked our library to purchase it ages ago, and it's on its way--but I was still very moved by this post by the author about winning a Newbery honor. My son would be all about the cake, too.

(Thanks to Jen Robinson's Book Page for the link.

please allow me to introduce ourselves

If you have come here from the Cybils page, welcome! Let me answer the question I'm sure is foremost in your mind: I think the book I'm holding in that picture is Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card--not a children's book, but an incredible story that is always my gift of choice for anyone I know who is having a crisis of optimism.

I didn't mention it in the interview, but this is actually a shared blog, although I'm the primary contributor. The blog is open to all of the Notes from the Windowsill staff, including Evan, aka my in-house geek, who does the technical work for Notes, edits my grammar (remaining errors are my own fault, and quite possibly intentional) and reads the books I can't stand to our son. In return, I read the books he can't stand to our son. Evan rarely posts, but when he does, it is a doozy.

Animouse is a talented graphic designer who creates our letterhead, business cards and so on. She shares our passion for children's books, but generally prefers to lurk.

If you are new, I currently have two classic children's book questions up for discussion. Please add your thoughts.