Thursday, October 02, 2008

review: Marco Flamingo/Marco Flamenco

Marco Flamingo/Marco Flamenco written and illustrated by Sheila Jarkins. Raven Tree, 2008 (978-0-9794462-5-2) $16.95; $7.95 pb

Every year, Marco Flamingo's island paradise is visited by the migratory "snowbirds." Marco is curious and asks them "what's snow?" --but all they'll say is "You don't want to know!" But Marco does want to know, and after spending the night reading up (assisted by some helpful stars and fireflies), he sets off north and discovers a new kind of paradise, one with skating, snow angels, ice fishing and sledding. And he even convinces some of his island friends to come join in.

With its awkward looking, yet ultimately competent and successful hero and a loving depiction of winter, this is a pleasing story that's worth picking up for a unit on winter or for a bilingual read that's pretty much just for fun. The illustrations give attractive natural backdrops for the more goofy looking animal characters, making Marco's first look at a land of snow and ice lovely and satisfying. (4-8)

Also available in English only and Spanish only editions.

(I didn't find any other blog reviews, but here's the author's blog.)

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