Wednesday, August 29, 2007

should you want to eat your words

Now, why the heck didn't we get a wedding cake like these? How on earth did they decide what book titles to use? I would go mad limited to two titles each.


where do we go... from here

I thought the obvious follow-ups to The Monster at the End of This Book would be Mo Willem's Pigeon books and Tickle the Duck but... nothin'. Perhaps he's mainly responding to our enjoyment of it--though I like the pigeon and the duck too, so go figure--but I suspect he may also really like the different volumes--sometimes the book is loud, at the end, it's very soft. Any other books that lend themselves to that kind of reading?

I really love books that "tell me" how to read them aloud, come to think of it. I would contemplate a bibliography, but who knows if what works for me works for other parents.

And hey, as long as I'm talking about it:

Tickle the Duck written and illustrated by Ethan Long. LB Kids, 2005 (0-316-00102-3) $10.99

Any parent whose child has a love-hate relationship with being tickled will smile at this novelty book, which features a belligerent duck admonishing "Don't you dare!" on the cover. The duck sternly tells us exactly where not to tickle her--a soft downy underarm, or a rubbery foot; "touch and feel" has never been more fun. Finally the duck admits that a little tickle is okay, and ends the book snorting, "do it again." A nice choice for sibling reading. (2-6)