Monday, January 08, 2007

Yes. Yes indeed.

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my favorites posts of 2006, #4 & #5

I read my old posts up to the MotherReader 48 Hours Book challenge and that was even too much of me for me. So I'm just going to stick with these last entries:

This is just a review of one of my favorite books, but I think I did a rather nice job of it. And it feels like going back to my roots to highlight an older book, since I spend so much more time on current books now.

And I chose this post about So Yesterday primarily because it's probably the most obscure, stream-of-consciousness piece of writing I've ever done, and completely opaque to anyone except me, and perversely, that amuses me.

(A more coherent review of So Yesterday can be found here.)

my favorite posts of 2006, #3

I still think What Children's Book Would You Like to Live In? is a very fun conversation starter...

my favorite posts of 2006 #2

I've mentioned that my highest ideal as a reviewer is to capture the feeling of the book in my words, and I've probably never done that more succesfully than this post about Bad Bear Detectives. Although it's more parody than review, I note now that I followed my usual review policy by including some positive points amidst the snark.

the horror... the horror...

There's a not-to-be-missed "children's book title changing contest" going on at Lisa Yee's blog.

My favorite so far is from Jay at Disco Mermaids:

Fear Mr. Henshaw After years of writing about his personal problems in letters to his favorite author, Leigh’s name winds up in Mr. Henshaw’s latest novel: The Stalker.