Monday, April 10, 2006

the bunnyplanet voyages elsewhere

The Cricket in Times Square is the second winner of my son's highest accolade, the "I Wish I Could Live in That Book" Award. I'm thinking of making embossed award stickers for the publishers.

So... is there a book you would like to live in? Or at least visit? Evan came across this topic in a blog some years back and one of the answers given there was Voyage from Yesteryear, which inspired me to read it--and indeed, it would be a lovely book to live in, though it's not a children's book. To live in a world where everyone can make full use of their talents would be amazing.

Among children's books, I think I would want to live with the Melendys. Kick out that foster kid from And Then There Were Five, I need them more than he does! Of course, transplanting my husband and son into the story along with me might be difficult. This would likely be a problem with any children's book, come to think of it; we would wind up being the kindly adults who bake the cookies, not the kids who have the adventures, and frankly, that's too much like life is now. Okay, we're back on for Voyage from Yesteryear! Tickets can be found inside The Amazing Stereoscope by Jane Langton; xerox, please.