Thursday, June 03, 2010

booty to share

Some years ago, a certain very thoughtful and patient person who will remain nameless committed a dastardly act of copyright infringement and photocopied, in its entirety, my favorite children's book, Magic in the Alley by Mary Calhoun. I have since then managed to obtain a legitimate used copy. Seeing as the book has never been reprinted and is going for $21 and up online, I wondered if anyone out there might want the photocopy? Drop me a comment. Unless that makes you an accessory.


almost to the starting line!

I'll be doing my 48 hours Friday and Saturday. I'm not expecting to give it my all this year, for various reasons, but will give it my some.

The commenting was so much fun last year, I think I'll join in the giving action and give $1 per (legitimate, discussion related) comment to the local Friends of the Library. (I changed my mind on the charity because I decided it should be reading related.)

Not a clue what I'm going to read, but there's always something. I think I'll combine goals with my ongoing Get These Damn Books Out of My House goal and try to read mostly books I own.