Tuesday, July 15, 2008

from the Magic Schoolbus to the Magic Treehouse

There's been a lot of ideas about summer reading lists floating around the kidlitosphere, which I've been following with interest, because I'm seeing first hand lately how very much my son wants to choose his own books. The 48 Hour Book Challenge was a big help in getting him to transition to chapter books and Evan and I are falling over ourselves suggesting all our favorites. But he steadfastly makes his own choices at his own pace.

I was so thrilled when he finally picked up my suggestion of Louis Sachar's Wayside Stories, but it turns out he's been reading them at school. School books seem to have much more cachet that home books. I wonder if he would be responsive to a reading list.

He finished the fourth Magic Treehouse book the other day and decided to read it aloud to his father, since "it's exciting because it's about pirates." That touches me so much, that he not only wants to read but he wants to share what he reads.

He and his dad have a deal now, he will read a chapter of Pirates on Penzance, or whatever the heck it's called, aloud and his dad will read a chapter of his choice--The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

(And tangentially--how on earth could anyone stand that movie? A Lucy that snivels and squeals and BATS HER EYES COYLY?! It is to barf.)