Thursday, December 13, 2007

review: Wild About Books

This was tonight's read-aloud, much enjoyed by all.

Wild About Books by Judy Sierra. Illustrated by Marc Brown.
Knopf, 2004 (0-375-82538-X) $16.95

When a librarian accidentally drives her bookmobile into the zoo, she quickly realizes that there's a whole new world of potential readers to entice! And soon Molly is filling all kinds of request, including more Chinese books for the pandas and even waterproof books for the otter, who never goes swimming without Harry Potter. As llamas read dramas while eating their llunches, Molly gently teaches the boa constrictor not to squeeze Cricktor too tight and the termites not to literally devour The Wizard of Oz. Filled with puns, allusions and all kinds of witty gags, this rhyming story is as much of a joy to read as a book with the title Wild About Books ought to be. Brown's folk-art inspired illustrations are exuberant and expressive; I particularly like the llamas, intently studying their dramas. * (4 & up)

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you've probably already heard the news

Is there anything crappier than hearing that one of your favorite writers has a disease affecting the brain? Well, yes, it could be worse -- as Pratchett is saying repeatedly, "I am not dead." (And he should know, being intimately acquainted with Death.) We have to hope he still has many years ahead of him in which to enjoy not being dead. Still... crappy, crappy news.