Saturday, December 01, 2007

review: Squiggles by Taro Gomi

Squiggles written and illustrated by Taro Gomi. Chronicle, 2007 (0-8118-6151-1) $18.95

Similar in theme to the Anti-Coloring Books, which encourage readers to create as well as color, Squiggles is a much classier production, a huge, over-sized book with thick, bright pages that cry out for a variety of media, decorated with childlike, whimsical sketches by Gomi. Different sections include "Let's paint what's in the sea," "What's for dinner?" and "Let's paint faces." The amount of illustration provided varies from scene to scene, with some pages largely background and others almost complete in themselves. Each section has many examples, allowing artists to try different approaches--or try again if they mess up the first time.

At $18.95, this is not a gift for a casual colorer, and kids who are really into staying within the lines may find the slapdash style frustrating. But it's a great idea for kids who love art but have trouble thinking of where to begin, or who tend to get stuck on one subject. (2-6)

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