Friday, August 31, 2007


My son is angry with me today. If I don't behave, he's going to bury me in a pile of books. My favorite books. And I don't get to read any of them.

Kid's got my number.

just finished: Legacy

The Sharing Knife: Legacy was lovely. Sweet and dryly funny and scary and sad and ultimately hopeful. And full of interesting possibilities still to be explored. I see the point of the irritating series title now: the books are as closely knit as the three books of The Lord of the Rings are. And I can just imagine how frustrated Lord of the Rings readers felt when the books were published in increments, though thankfully neither Beguilement nor Legacy end on terrible cliffhangers the way The Fellowship of the Rings and The Two Towers do.

I'm pretty sure there is going to be a third book; I can't remember now if I actually read it will be called Affinity or not, but I'm betting it will. The word kind of leapt out of the pages of Legacy. On the other hand, Google is not supporting this theory.

I read a number of complaints that Legacy is too depressing, but seeing as how my favorite Bujold book is Mirror Dance, which is sheer torture almost from beginning to end, I figured I could take almost anything she can dish out. Anyway, so is The Lord of the Rings depressing, if you read it that way. I never do.