Sunday, June 10, 2007

Book Challenge wrap-up

Only five books this year--fewer than last year, but all things considered, not bad.

5 books - 3 children/YA, 2 adult
1263 pages read
14 hours spent reading and blogging (plus 15 minutes on The Forest in the Hallway before I decided it wasn't for me.)

Not sure if I really earned anything from this except that book challenges are a good way to shake myself up and get things moving. I think I reviewed more in the past two days than all the previous month. Also, I learned I'd much rather write about children's books than anything else. Also, that sex in YA books makes me a lot more uncomfortable than it used to. Some damn parenting hormone or something.


the morning after the weekend before

You know what blogger needs? An "I trust this person" feature, which would let you predefine who is allowed to comment at will on your site, so they don't have to type in the stupid code. Wouldn't that be nifty?

I am so shagged out today. Not enough sleep for two days. I officially ended my participation in the book challenge about 12:30 pm last night, but then stayed up another hour writing snippy comments on all my mailing lists. I do not do well on limited sleep. There was something I was supposed to do today and I'm so glad I don't remember what it was.