Thursday, February 22, 2007

not children's literature related

but this post from "A Little Pregnant" almost made me bust a gut, which would have been highly appropriate.

but I want more vampire luv!

The Good News: Robin McKinley has a new book coming out.

The Bad News: judging from the title, it's probably not a sequel to Sunshine. Rats.

(News via Bookshelves of Doom.)

A message for Tedd Arnold

Ben: "I had a dream that I was in a library that only had No Jumping on the Bed and other books by the same author and one of them was called No Whining in the Attic!"

Get to it, Tedd!

what a mom loves to hear

"Do you want me to read the next chapter of Little House in the Big Woods?"


He may have the (apparently y-chromosome-linked) non-fiction gene, but I'm not giving up hope!