Thursday, February 15, 2007

a confession

I am Weird about sequels. I realized this today, when I saw that New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, was already on hold for me. I'm not ready to read it. I'll probably hate it. It'll be all different 'n' stuff. I'm Weird about sequels.

On the other hand, dying to read the much-talked-about "Edward's Version."

today at the library

I'm working in the children's room today, tracing and cutting out orange penguin feet. (There must be something in the air, our homeschool program is also doing penguins.) Crafts are not a thrilling aspect of children's librarianship for me, but I'm told that parents insist on them. Books and songs and stories aren't enough? But what would I know, we have never been able to sit through a story time.

I'm reading Cynthia Lord's Rules, which is expectedly painful. There are many days when I feel exactly like that, that all I do as a mom is give rules and instructions over and over again. Read just the first few pages, and you'll understand why we've never gotten through a story time.