Friday, January 26, 2007

who is this K.M. Peyton person anyway?

This site agrees that Peyton was once two, although now one. Which really begs the question--when did the change occur?

well, this is surprising

I haven't been able to find any interviews with K.M. Peyton, but I did find a site which claims that Peyton is actually two people! I'm not buying it without confirmation, but I am curious. Will check Something About the Author ASAP.

I also came across a discussion of the Flambards books from rec.arts.books.children that I had forgotten about. I think Anita makes excellent points (and not just because she references me.)

questions from classic children's books #3

Dense or fluffy?

No wait, that is questions from classic Jewish cuisine.

Okay. Flambards Divided--horrible mistake or tragic error?

Or I suppose you could argue that it should have ended up that way. If you really want to.

Another question: did Peyton intend to end the series that way originally or did her thinking change over time? I wonder if we could dig up the answer to that.

This question was inspired by the reponse to classic children's book questions #2