Monday, January 22, 2007

[yawn] book awards

I was amused by Lois Lowry's throwaway reference to the children's book awards today, at her blog. Presumably she didn't know she was winning something? Or perhaps she is just blase after her five hundred Newbery medals. ;-)

I don't keep up enough with current books to have an opinion on most of the big winners, but I'm happy to see Lowry, and also the late James Marshall, honored.

classic children's books questions #2

Did Mary marry Colin or Dickon? (Or somebody else? Or nobody?)

I don't recall considering this question as a child; in fact I walked out on the critically acclaimed 1990's movie version because I was so disgusted by the jealous-love-triangle aspect that was inserted into it. If they had placed it before Colin enters the garden, that just might have worked... but after? Nothing bad happens after!

However, the responses to this blog post by a romance author make it clear that many people--at least people who went on to become romance readers--do have strong opinions on the matter.