Tuesday, January 02, 2007

enough of the great book lists - bring on the bile!

Most of us in the kidlitosphere know each other's bete noirs of horrible children's literature by now--goodness knows, we all love to bi--gripe about them. But what about those books... those, dare I say it, quality books, that you just can't stand? This may be a question only truly relevent to those of us who are parents, since we're the ones who are forced to read those damn books over... and over... and over...

Take My Kindergarten written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells. ROSEMARY WELLS, I'm talking about. Irresistibly warm and cozy illustrations of animal-people. Incredible insight into the child mind. Just check out my blog address, and you'll know, I am someone who appreciates Rosemary Wells. But if I have to read--or listen to--My Kindergarten one more time, blood is going to start leaking out of my ears. It is SO BORING. And it GOES ON FOREVER.

Evan, mind you, thinks the book is just dandy. And as far as I can tell, my son would like to marry it. It's just me. Sad, sad me.

So what children's book out there is making your life a living hell right now?

shout it out!

I just wanted to give a shout-out to the CYBILS poetry nominating committee for all their hard work. You made it a lot easier for us, guys. :-)