Tuesday, November 21, 2006

more money for libraries!

The Cybil nominations for poetry are in! (Actually, for all categories, since nominations closed yesterday.) I've reviewed three of the nominated titles (Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, Please Bury Me in the Library, and There is a Flower on the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me and have Mites to Mastadons on my shelf, but only one other title is available at my library, dagnabit. Not that I need to read them all, being on the judging committee rather than the nominating committee, but if people are going to nominate these books as the best poetry of the year, well, I want to see them.

I'm very curious about what the judging criteria will turn out to be. Of the ones I've read, Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich scores high for overall fabulousness... but if we're putting in points for child requests of "read this one," Please Bury Me in the Library scores big in this house.

OOPS!: I was confusing Please Bury Me in the Library with Once Upon a Tomb by the same auther: review here. He has the distinction of having three separate titles on the nominations list, if I counted correctly.