Thursday, October 05, 2006


From the file of things only remotely related to children's books, but worth sharing because they're so gosh darn creepy.

Page down... it only gets creepier. PARTY LIGHTS???!!!

value added books

There's a lovely discussion going around the kidlitosphere about values people learned from books; I particularly liked this comment from Jen Robinson's Book Page:

"If you spend years and years reading grand adventure stories where people do the right thing against difficult odds, demonstrate loyalty to their friends and family members, and sometimes save the world, some of the ideals are simply bound to rub off."

I'm reminded of this quote from The Greenstone Grail:

""At last she said: 'I can help you, I know I can, I will. But it is a big task for a small person. Do children in your world usually perform such tasks?'

Nathan thought of all the books he had ever read, of the Pevensies, Colin and Susan, Harry Potter, Lyra Belacqua, and a hundred others. 'All the time,' he said."