Wednesday, June 21, 2006

library musings

A girl signed up for a card today, and beause she had no proof of address, could only check out one book. Her one book of choice was a "Gossip Girls" title. Once that would have disgusted me, but I have been converted and now just think how great it must have been for her that the library was able to provide what she wanted. Who knows, maybe when she can check out as many as she wants, there will be all kinds of different books in her pile.

I'm trying to decide whether to apply for a permanent job at the library. Mostly I don't want to; I really appreciate the flexibility of being a temp, I hate working more than a few hours a week, my son needs my time far more than we need the money.

But. I could apply for a job in youth services. I could actually do some interesting things, use my skills and expertise.

That part is very tempting.