Wednesday, May 31, 2006

won't somebody think of the grown-ups?!

From Scott Westerfeld's Westerblog.

"I met Deb Stone at my signing. She’s the American Library Association’s anti-book banning guru, and turned out to be a Serenity-hat-wearing sf fan to boot. (Great combination.) Weirdly, she told me that Uglies and Peeps have both been challenged by (wacko) parents in the last year. Now, I can sort of understand not wanting your kid to read Peeps because it’s so scary, but not wanting your kid to read something and yanking it from the library shelves are two different things."

You know, I recommended Peeps to my mom, and it was too scary for her. I think I'm going to have to start a campaign to get it banned from adult collections! What if other sensitive moms read it? They could be damaged for life!

it's the last day of May...

Happy May Bahimbay! Be sure to celebrate with your favorite tropical drink and a plate of fresh dinner rolls!