Friday, June 03, 2011

Book 2.7: A Bone to Pick by Charlaine Harris

I decided I needed a break from YA, so picked up the book I'd been in the middle of before the challenge started. This is the second in the "Aurora Teagarden" mysteries and I found it pretty disappointing. Blah mystery, blah personal stuff. Hope the next is better, or I might wash my hands of the series.

pages: 147-168 (21 pages)

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Anonymous Beth bligged...

I like the ones that have more personal change in them, but I also like Aurora's spoiled personality, so your miles may vary.

Her stand alone books are more action filled.

6/03/2011 11:13 PM  
Blogger web bligged...

I did enjoy the first, it just seemed like nothing much happened in this one, after a pretty gut-wrenching beginning.

6/03/2011 11:40 PM  

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