Friday, May 26, 2006

book banning brought up in the blogs. blimey!

Liz B. blogged today about a fellow who is using book-banner's lists as a way of finding good books for his kids! Having been on the other side of that, I'm very tickled.

Far less tickling--more like infurienting and disgusting--is a book complaint brought to my attention at Bookshelves of Doom. Quite apart from the fact that the books in question are just unbelievably good, and an almost certain pull for reluctant readers, they were not even given to kids to read. They were offered to teachers as potential supplementary material. But God forbid teachers be given any opportunity to use their own judgement and knowledge of their students.

I suppose I can just be grateful to be in the company of the fellow mentioned above; my copies of Things I Have to Tell You and You Hear Me? have been on my son's future-YA shelves since before he was born.