Saturday, August 05, 2006

the grumpiness continues

At the library today, a patron checked out a book in a Harlequin series called "Blackmail Brides." My, but that's icky. Its usually the specificity of those series titles that wigs me out: "Unmarried Marine Daddies" or "Long-lost Mowhawk Chief Lovers." For readers who really know what they want when they want it, I guess. "Blackmail Brides" is a litle more ambiguous; it could go a couple of different directions. None of them a direction I'd much want to go in, however.


Blogger Little Willow bligged...

Years ago, my coworkers and I decided that there were only six jobs the men in those stories could have: detective/cop; cowboy; sultan (or another type of foreign ruler); doctor; boss; or millionaire (often widow).

8/07/2006 7:33 PM  

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