Friday, June 16, 2006

Second Book: Party Princess by Meg Cabot

288 pages, read from 2:20 to 4:20

(I needed a change of pace from the Warsaw Ghetto. No kidding.)

The seventh volume of the Princess Diaries is pretty much the story as before: Mia, high school student/Princess of Genovia, has an immense, book-long freak-out over nothing. If you can deal with how clueless Mia is, how obnoxious her best friend Lilly is, and how reptetitious the series as a whole is, it's pretty funny. I might say if you're read one, you've read them all - except that in none of the other diaries will you find Mia and her friends performing in Braid! a musical version of the life of Mia's ancestor, who strangled an evil prince with her hair. For that reason alone, if you're only going to read one of the Princess Diary books, it should be this one.