Friday, June 08, 2007

we interrupt this book challenge for a crisis of conscience

I saw someone offering a damaged copy of Inconsolable at paperbackswap and my heart just went thud. The author of that book happens to be a mama friend of mine and so I happen to know that it didn't sell that well--despite the fact that she is an awesome writer and extremely funny. (It just hit me, I need to read Inconsolable for this book challenge! I'll save it for tomorrow, when I have a car trip.) She definitely did not make the big bucks on that book. It makes me feel really crappy about the whole swapping thing.


Anonymous Anonymous bligged...

I think that if you blog about books that you get from a book swap, then you have nothing to feel badly about. It's better that you should read and write about the book than that it should just sit on a shelf at the original owner's house. Even if you don't blog about it, I still think that most authors would rather their books be shared and read than not. Maybe you learn about new authors through the book swaps that you would never try out otherwise. Of course I try to buy books whenever I can, too, especially since I've started knowing more authors. But I don't think that sharing books with my friends keeps me from doing that.

6/13/2007 5:26 PM  

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