Sunday, January 07, 2007

my favorite posts of 2006, #1

I'm doing the favorite posts one at a time, because it will take a while, and whenever I try to save anything as a draft on Blogger, it gets very, very scary.

This post about deceptive book covers is only about 15 words long, but I was disappointed not to receive any comments at the time, and thought it might be worth trying again, now that I have more readers. Have you noticed any covers like this? Is it a trend to be concerned about? Or am I just looking for trouble?

P.S. It's traditional to tag people once you've finished a meme, but since this may take some time, I'm going to go ahead and tag Jen Robinson's Book Page and Bookshelves of Doom.


Anonymous Anonymous bligged...

Very funny! I did this one early afternoon, PST, right after checking out some of the other blogs (including yours). Great minds think alike, I guess. Thanks for tagging me! I hope that you're impressived with my quick (albeit coincidental) response.

1/07/2007 3:32 PM  

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