Saturday, June 17, 2006

Book Seven: Here Lies the Librarian

147 pages, read from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Between the title and the opening set in a graveyard, I was expecting this to be a humorous ghost story. But the fact that the narrator, garage mechanic Peewee, turns out to be a girl is only one of the surprises in store in this book. Set during the early days of motor cars, it's a story about four refined and highly educated young lady librarians who come to replace the previous one, who had... expired. ("After years of service, Tried and True, Heven stamped her--OVERDUE.") Their attempts to bring the virtues of reading and civilation to the town rudely yet accurately known as Rubesburg will change the life of Peewee's handsome older brother--and teach Peewee how to find a life of her own. Too rambling and uneven, this story will still appeal to those who enjoy Peck's flair for creating rural eccentricity, and booklovers will enjoy the fun he pokes at those who believe "The libery only needs 2 books: 1. The Old Testiment 2. The New Testiment."