Wednesday, March 21, 2007

holocaust memorial is almost all tied-up

There's a post at Lois Lowry's blog about a shoelace project: a sixth grade class is trying to collect 6,000,000 centimeters of shoelace to represent the Jews killed during the Holocaust.

I must confess that when I got to this part--

Our plan it to build large shoes that we will wrap the laces around and then have displayed at the Minnesota State Fair in August

--I got a little hysterical. But to each his own artistic vision, and you can find the info at Lowry's blog if you're interested in the project.

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Blogger ElsKushner bligged...

Wow. Um, gosh. I mean, I'm sure it's well-intentioned, but the giant shoes are kind

I guess I'm speechless.

3/21/2007 7:27 PM  

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