Sunday, December 14, 2008

Review: I've Seen Santa!

I've Seen Santa! by David Bedford. Illustrated by Tim Warnes. Tiger Tales, 2006 (9781589254114) $15.95; 2008 (9781589254114) $6.95 pb

I really got a chuckle out of this story, though I have no idea whether or not little kids will grasp the subtext. Little Bear is very curious about Santa and decides to try and see him--but what he thinks is Santa turns out to be Big Bear drinking Santa's milk! ("I only wanted a sip," says Big Bear.) Next he catches Big Bear eating Santa's blueberry pies ("I was hungry,") and then spies Mommy Bear putting presents in their stockings. ("I was giving you both a present from me," she explains.) Finally the whole bear family lies down in the living room planning to all see Santa together. Since they all fall asleep, they never do get to see Santa--but Santa sees them!

Illustrated in relaxing browns and greens, with friendly, cozy looking bears, this is the sort of warm, family-oriented story that appeals to younger children--but it might also be enjoyed by older kids who are starting to have a few doubts about the reality of Santa, and will appreciate the surprise of the twist at the end. (3 & up)

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