Tuesday, December 18, 2007

review: The Enchanted Dolls' House Paper Dolls

The Enchanted Dolls' House Paper Doll: Lucinda; The Enchanted Dolls' House Paper Doll: Hattie. Five Mile Press, 2007 (1-74178-189-2; 1-74178-188-4) $7.95

Okay, I know I hate book-related gimmicks but... but... these are paper dolls! And they have really pretty clothes! The little girl in me is squealing.

Based on characters from The Enchanted Dolls' House and The Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding, about dolls who live in doll houses from different historical periods, these quality paper dolls feature elaborate period outfits: Hattie has three colorful gowns from the Late-Victorian era, and Lucinda is fantasy incarnate with three frothy wedding outfits from a variety of periods. Underwear, hats, veils, wigs and other accessories are also included. To make these really stand out in the paper doll crowd, each outfit is double-sided, showing both the front and back. (The dolls are both posed in exactly the same position, so they can share costumes if you have both sets--but since they look almost identical anyway, the point is somewhat moot.) Each set also comes with a pretty ribbon-tied storage envelope.

The outfits are press-out, so no cutting is required, and the double-sided clothes slip over the dolls' heads, so no gluing is needed either. (Unlike reproductions of authentic period double-sided paper dolls I remember with some horror from my all-thumbs childhood.) This makes them reasonably easy for young children to handle--but let's face it, you'll want to keep these for yourself. You know the kids won't enjoy them on as many levels as you will. (6 & up)

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