Thursday, November 15, 2007

review: Thank You, Thanksgiving

As long as I'm doing holidays in reverse order...

Thank You, Thanksgiving written and illustrated by David
Milgrim. Clarion, 2003 (0-618-27466-9) $9.95; 2006
(978-0-618-75243-0) $5.95 pb

Gratitude is expressed with simplicity and charm, as a little girl goes on a Thanksgiving day errand, thanking the birds who sing music to her, the warm boots that keep her cozy in the snow, and the duck that brings her the scarf she left behind. There are funny bits here, like the girl's Hollywood entrance back home: "Thank you, thank you," she gracefully bows. But the heart of the book is her joyous appreciation of all the small gifts of the day. Chunky, digitally created illustrations have a childlike quality that seems just right for the child's-eye view. (2-5)

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