Saturday, March 10, 2007

are you SMRT?

Last night I was reading a book with a character named Beresford, and had to turn to Google to find out who the "Tommy Beresford" was that kept going through my head. (From Agatha Christie's "Tommy and Tuppence" books, and how the heck did we keep from going insane before the Internet?)

Next thing I knew, I was sucked into a trivia site, loaded with quizzes, including these quizzes about YA books. There are children's book quizzes too. Have fun!

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Anonymous Anonymous bligged...

I often wonder that, too. How did we manage before the days of being able to quickly look up any minor fact? We use IMDB all the time for this sort of thing. Hey, is Paulie from Rocky the same guy who played Uncle Vito in Mickey Blue Eyes? (Yes). And so on. But I'm staying away from trivia quizzes about YA books, weekend time being only finite...

3/11/2007 4:22 PM  

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